After our return from a beautiful tour of Denmark, the Copenhagen Chamber Choir CAMERATA is taking a break for the summer.

Thank you to the wonderful audiences we have in Kalundborg, Hvide Sande, Viborg and Hjørring and thank you once again for the foundations whose generous donations make it possible to tie Denmark together with singing and music.

In the autumn we are back with several exciting projects including a memorial concert on the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, where we perform Friede Auf Erden by Arnold Schönberg.

Have a nice summer.

Summer nights …

PLETVIS18_FACECAMERATA is ready for this summer’s tour, which will take us to the northwestern parts of Denmark. Concerts will be given in Kalundborg, Hvide Sande, Viborg and Hjørring. It will of course also be possible to hear the summer program A Spot of Sunshine in a Nordic Mind in Copenhagen.


June 19th, 19:30, Sions Kirke, Copenhagen
June 23, 16:00, Esajas Kirke, Copenhagen
July 2nd, 19:30, Nyvangkirken, Kalundborg
July 3rd, 19:30, Helligåndskirken, Hvide Sande
July 4th, 17:00, the Cathedral of Viborg
July 6th, 19:30, Bjergby Kirke, Hjørring