October 6th, 2019 – The Ancestry of Nordic Songs, Esajas Church


The Camerata Chamber Choir from Copenhagen, Denmark invites the audience to join us on a journey through time – from the year 1170 and up to today.

In the chilly North of Europe, sources of notated music from before the 11th century are basically nonexistent. The Nordic countries were Christianised from the south, beginning with Denmark followed by Sweden and Finland in the north, and with the Catholic Church came also the Gregorian tradition of vocal one- and two part harmony to Latin texts.

Nonetheless, alongside the ecclesiastical music, a strong folk tradition persevered, always sung in the local languages, consisting of ballads and tunes for all stages of life, for dance and play, herding cattle or lulling children to sleep. From the 12th century we have the very first written sources of Nordic music, which as we move forward in history, gradually become ever more plentiful.

In this program the Copenhagen Chamber Choir Camerata will take you on a journey, from the first recorded score known in Scandinavia and through the centuries, from 1170 until today. The early Nordic music is presented partly through interpretations of the original sources as the music was first notated. However, the choir will also demonstrate how the early music continues to influence and inspire contemporary Nordic composers to create new idiosyncratic and marvellous artworks.

The concert will precent pieces from Piæ Cantiones, by Mogens Pedersøn, Poul Hamburger, Bo Holten, Michael Bojesen, Per Nørgard, Peter Jensen, Michael Preatorius, Jan Sandström, Henry Purcell, Sven David Sandström, J.S. Bach and Knut Nystedt.

Koncert in Esajas Church, Østerbro, Sunday the 6th  of October at 4 p.m., entrance is free.