Oktober 9th – Lecture with live music, The Royal Danish Academy of Music


Lecture with live choral music: Giving Voice to the Nordic Spirit
tuesday the 8th of October at 7.30 – 9.30 pm.

Acclaimed Swedish conductor Sofia Söderberg gives a lecture on our collective experiences and creation of music, and how the deep connection between nature and culture comes alive in Scandinavian music.The lecture will include live musical examples of Nordic a cappella choral music by CAMERATA Chamber Choir.

The first musical instrument was the human body. Since our ancestors developed the ability to keep a rhythm and sing in tune, humans have bonded together in music. Communal singing played a central role in the social and religious development of the Nordic region. Consequently, it is tempting to draw a connection between the collectivity of Nordic music and the development of the spirit of the Nordic region – sometimes defined as a spirit of communality.

About Sofia Söderberg
Sofia Söderberg from Lund in Sweden is an experienced, award-winning choral specialist known for her technical rigor, physical precision and striking interpretations. She has worked in the fields of opera, theatre, symphonic music and with the finest chamber choirs in Scandinavia, including the Swedish Radio Choir. Currently, sheis the conductor and artistic director of the Danish chamber choir CAMERATA and the Swedish male choir Svanholm Singers.

Söderberg is one of the key figures in the prolific choral scene of southern Sweden. She has received the city of Lund’s Culture Award 2012, and the prestigious Region Skåne’s Cultural Award 2018 ”for an artistry that contributes to the renewal of vocal music and consolidates the position of choral music in Skåne as well as nationally and internationally.”

The lecture is given in english and is open to the public.

Time: Tuesday the 8th of October at 7.30 pm.

Place: Havesalen, The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Rosenørns Alle 22
1970 Frederiksberg C