Thank you for a great year!


In these first days of January 2018, it is wonderful to look back on a phenomenal year for the Copenhagen Chamber Choir CAMERATA.

First of all, we would like to thank our audiences: at Esajas Church, at our Messiah in Holmen’s Church, all of you, whom we have met in churches around the country, including when we sang at Rudersdal Summer Festival, and as something new – the millions of people around the world who have streamed our performance with the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra of film music from, among others, Star Wars. We are looking forward to sharing more great moments with you in the coming year.

We are very grateful for all the support we have been receiving from the foundations, because this supports allows for us to take chances and develop ourselves. That made it possible for us to undertake an adventurous concert based on a H.C. Andersen fairytale. And not least it enabled us to travel to London and win The London International Choral A Cappella Competition – one of the biggest moments in the choir’s long history!

All choirs, soloists and musicians, composers and conductors with which we have made music also deserve a huge thank you from us. It is enormously inspiring to collaborate with you.

And finally, a big thank you must be directed to Jakob Hultberg, our beloved conductor these last four years, who is leaving us, seeking new adventures. We are looking forward to singing with him one last time on January 6, 2018 in Esajas Kirke.


Augustinus Foundation, Oticon Foundation, Beckett Foundation, Knud Højgaard’s Foundation, Consul George Jorck’s and Wife Emma Jorck’s Foundation, Dansk Kapelmesterforening, Angela Wertenbach and all others in Esajas Church – we could not wish for a better home -Graabrødre Chamber Choir, Hymnia, Jakob Lorentzen and all the employees in Holmen’s Church, Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Marie Priem, Rudersdal Summer Festival, Sofia Söderberg, Patrick Raab, Arvo Pärt, Peter Bruun, Klara Ek, Daniel Carlsson, Leif Aruhn-Solén, Leif Jone Ølberg, Anne Søe, Aksel Trige and the rest of the CAMERATA orchestra, our amazing assistants and all of you others we have worked with in 2017!

Conductor Jakob Hultberg bids CAMERATA farewell …

dOpenSecret2017, Astrid Maria Busse Rasmussen, no.17

Tonight, Jakob Hultberg will conduct CAMERATA’s Messiah one last time: over the past four years he has guided the choir as well as our audience ever deeper into the beautiful music of Händel. On January 6, 2018 he resigns as conductor of the choir, giving one last nostalgic a cappella concert in our local church.

Concert 6th January, 4.00 pm in Esajas Church, free admission.